The first week…

I said I’d stop posting daily updates, but I never said I wouldn’t write a blog about my first week.

So I learned this week, I am OCD. I rearranged the room. I reorganized the shelves. I organized the construction paper by color. I threw away all old pens, papers, and random bulletin borders that were up on free wall space. I took down all old bulletin boards and started to re-do them. 

I changed over 50 diapers this week.

I heard more scream cries than I thought was even possible.

I begged a child to eat and then explained to the parent that she only had 7 grapes for lunch. (I also write down everything she is offered. 2 spoons of peas, 2 chicken nuggets, etc.)

I taught them we clean up. (I put on the clean up song, and off they go to clean.)

I learned LOTS of sign language.

I learned how to handle difficult parents.

I learned getting all 8 kids to paint at the same time was literally the worst idea in the world.

I sang all day. (And my assistant teacher loves to sing as much as I do.)

I laughed a lot.

I got a lot of hugs and sweet kisses.

I may have cried…

And I got paid.

I said “We hit baseballs, not our friends. We hug our friends” probably 50 million times this week.


And it was overall a great week. 🙂 Oh and they call me “badel” so that’s new.

And now…sleep. Lots of sleep. 


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