i’m home, yet i feel away from home.

Where is my real home? In atlanta or in auburn? I techinally pay to live in Auburn with rent and bills, but I am currently living in a house full of love, so where is my home?

Neither. Its with God in heaven. I am just here on this earth. But, God has blessed me with these “homes”, God blessed me with church families in both places.

I’m working on being more of a thankful and less of an complainer (which means an ungrateful person). These are some things I am thankful for lately:

*my boss in atlanta letting me work for 6 weeks

*food to eat

*a bed to sleep


*my bible

*sermons on cds to listen to in the car

*classical music




*my physical family

*embry hills

*university coc


*the longs


*strengthened friendships

*my health (recently i’ve become really aware of what a blessing this is)

*clothes to wear

*clean water to drink




there are literally hundreds of other things I could list. I am literally amazed when I read old journals, old tweets, and old facebook posts how much I took for granted or complained about. I really am starting to think my younger self, would NOT like my current self. (I guess that’s a good thing-means I matured I hope).


Really grateful for everything God has done in my life. Praise Him!



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