Become like a child…but only partially.

“I know you’re mad he took your toy. You can use your words and say ‘I don’t like that. I want it back.’ and then come tell me. We can find a solution together, but hitting is not a good solution.”

“You two are playing so nicely together! You let him borrow your toy when you were done playing with it!”

I have had that conversation with two kids too many times this year to count. One moment they are fighting teeth and nails and the next they are best friends.  I like that children are so quick to forgive. What if I was that quick to forgive? When someone hurt me (whether they know they did or not), I forgave them. I was able to continue to be friends, to be kind to that person? What if we all did that? This world would be a better place.

“That was so sweet for comforting your friend after her Mom left! It helped her calm down.”

What if we showed love to everyone? If we comforted the sad, sick, heartbroken. This world would be a sweeter, happier, and kinder place.

“You got out of the car, so your friend got in the car. I know it must be frustrating, but it’s now her turn. Look at all of the other toys you can play with: a trike, a ball, a sandtoy, or a push toy. Pick something else out while you wait.”

Cue temper tantrum.

What if we threw a tantrum (throw our body on the floor kicking, screaming) every time we didn’t get our way? What if we lacked the ability to control ourselves? This world would be madness, pure madness.

We should become like children. Sweet, forgiving, and loving. We should be humble. (I’ve never met a prideful 3 year old. I’ve just met children who want to be independent, but seek adults to help them.) Should we not depend on God to fulfill our hunger, our need for rest, and love?

But we should not become like temper-tantrum throwing, egocentric (the world revolves around me).

Children teach me daily, and I am so thankful.